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7 Ways Diabetic Bamboo Cotton Socks Can Save the Planet

People suffering from diabetes experience poor blood flow because of their condition. They are also susceptible to slow-healing cuts on their foot. They may even be oblivious of their wound since they also suffer from lessened sensitivity. These are some of the reasons why they require good socks that can protect them from these vulnerabilities. But why go for typical diabetic socks when you can go for greener solutions like diabetic bamboo cotton socks?  

Why does it matter which type of sock they choose?  

For one, the traditional diabetic socks are made with a synthetic blend that may not be that helpful for people with diabetes. These materials can cause irritation and even result in blisters with prolonged use. Wearers will encounter no such problem with bamboo cotton socks.  

Bamboo fabric is not only soft to the touch, but it also boasts thermo-regulating and anti-microbial properties that can help keep moisture and bacteria at bay. The wearer stays fresh and clean, and more importantly, safe from cuts and wounds. They are also made with specialised white soles, which can help the wearer detect blood.  

Another reason why it’s important to choose the sock type carefully is to help minimise our ecological footprint. The more we use synthetic and non-recyclable socks, the more harm we inflict upon the planet. Rather than opting for synthetic socks, why not switch to a more eco-friendly alternative? Here’s why you should:  

1. Growing Bamboo Does Not Require a Lot

Bamboo is a weed that can grow almost anywhere. Even in a typical suburban garden setting, bamboo can grow without too much supervision. This goes to show just how resilient this plant is. It can survive in most conditions as long as the weather is not too extreme.  

Because of bamboo’s resilient attribute, it does not need much to grow on its own. That means less water and less pesticide are enough to keep it alive. This does not only lessen the harmful environmental effects of excessive pesticide use, but it also conserves water resources significantly. A bamboo shoot is capable of retaining water from the soil after all, so it can live off of its water storage for days on end.

2. Bamboo Plantations Protect Their Surrounding Areas

Bamboo’s resilience is beneficial not only to the plant itself but to its surrounding areas, too. Its root systems reach far and deep into the ground, making the soil around it sturdier against floods. For years, the surrounding areas where bamboos are planted are seen to be stronger against erosion. Thanks to sturdier grounds, other trees have more room to grow.  

3. Greenhouse Gases Are Reduced in the Process

Another amazing thing about the making of a bamboo sock is that it typically starts from huge bamboo plantations. These plantations are home to hundreds, if not thousands, of bamboo trees. One bamboo tree can absorb up to 35% more than regular hardwood trees, so just imagine what multiple miles worth of bamboos can do.  

Nothing still beats hardwood trees when it comes to long-term carbon sequestration. But you have to admit that seeing these numbers just make bamboo all the more valuable, doesn’t it?  

4. Toxic Chemicals Are Used Sparingly During Production

Most materials go through a rigorous process during production for them to be turned into workable fabrics. This process typically involves a lot of chemicals and additives that effectively transform coarse raw materials into the soft fabrics that we know and love. But this process is highly taxing on the environment. There are even cases when these chemicals are wrongly disposed of, further increasing its ecological hazards.  

Different manufacturers have their own approach as to how they convert raw bamboo fibres to fabric. But in general, the production of bamboo fabric uses significantly less amount of chemicals. Plus, stricter legislation and laws on production mandate factories to be more responsible about the use and disposal of the said chemicals.

5. A Practical Choice for Diabetics

People with diabetes often try a lot of socks. Either they bought pairs that are not right for them or they bought ones that get damaged easily. Bamboo cotton socks, which are specially made for diabetics, are designed to fix those problems. They are comfortable enough that the skin wouldn’t get irritated or blistered, and they are strong enough to last for years even when worn daily.  

With this mix of durability and comfort, wearers do not have to burn through multiple socks in year. Instead, they’ll have a few trusty bamboo cotton pairs that they can put on whenever necessary.  

6. Diabetic Bamboo Cotton Socks Last a Long Time

Bamboo fibres are strong and durable. With good care and washing methods, they can even last up to five years. As long as you don’t lose a pair, you’ll find yourself staying comfortable in the warmth of bamboo socks for a long time.  

If you really want a long-lasting bamboo pair, go for cotton blended ones. You can also look into which type of bamboo was used to manufacture the socks. Most importantly, do not forget to dig some information on the manufacturer or the shop that sells the socks. See if they are a reputable brand and if others have left reviews for their products.  

7. Bamboo Cotton Socks Can Be Recycled

Last but not the least, the best way that diabetic bamboo socks can help the planet is through their recyclability. Once your pair of bamboo socks have reached the end of their lifespan, you can take them to a composting facility or create new items out of them. 

You can turn your old bamboo socks into pouches, cup holders, rags, and many others! The possibilities are endless. Be creative and think outside the box. Who knows? You might come up with the best idea for what to do with your old bamboo socks.  

We understand how diabetes can sometimes hold you back. Luckily, there are things like bamboo cotton socks that can make dealing with this condition a little easier. Experience comfort and relief while giving back to the environment with bamboo socks. Get yours from Soles today.  

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