Now that you’ve made the decision to own a pair of bamboo socks, how can you make sure that you are purchasing the right one? Aside from the supplier that you’re buying from and the type of materials they use to manufacture the socks, another thing you should carefully consider is buying the right sock size.

With the wrong size, even the highest quality socks will fail to give you the comfort that you expect. Socks are supposed to fit snugly on your feet. One that’s too big will not hug your feet and legs the way it should. One that’s too small will have stitching on the wrong angles that will eventually cause discomfort.

The correct sock size is relatively easier to find if you try it on the store first hand. But stores would rarely allow that for hygienic reasons. When you’re shopping socks online, it is even more challenging if you take in the fact that you can only see pictures and not the actual thing.

Here, we provide a comprehensive sock size guide on how to find the right one for you:

Sock Sizes: All You Need to Know

When it comes to sock sizes, you will rarely run out of options. Unless there has been a shortage in supply, then you probably ran out of luck, but generally, various sock sizes are readily available in the Soles shop right now.

These are some important things to consider when looking for the right sock size: leg and foot length, and their respective widths. The good news is that you can measure all these on your own using your own measuring tools available at home. After getting your measurements, you can then compare it with our sock size chart below.

Leg/Sock Length

Sock length is measured from the floor to the topmost part of the sock. You will not find an accurate sock length by simply relying on its idle sock length. Idle sock length pertains to its initial length as it sits on a store shelf or as it is displayed in an online shop.

This relaxed shelf leg length differs from one manufacturer to another. It usually depends on the percentage of Lycra present in the sock, the thickness of the sock, and the amount of time it has sat on display or in storage.

A common way to get one’s sock length is to base it off of their shoe size. However, this method might make you end up with socks that are one size too big for you. To get a more precise measure, stand on a ruler and measure the longest part of your foot in centimetres.

Once you find your measurements, try and find the closest match using our sock size chart below:

Find the Perfect Sock Size with Soles!

Soles provides worker socks and diabetic bamboo socks available in small, medium, and large foot sizes. You can follow this general sock size guide when choosing one:

* Small-sized socks fit the average ladies’ foot or a smaller male foot.
* Medium-sized socks are suitable for males with average-sized foot or a larger female foot.
* Large-sized socks fit the male’s large foot.

If you want a more detailed sock size chart, check the one below:

Sock Size Chart for Worker Bamboo Socks

These are the standard sizes of bamboo socks for adults. Sizes apply to both Australian and international consumers. For more enquiries, feel free to contact Soles through our numbers and email address in the Contact Us Page.

Sock Size Chart for People with Diabetic or Orthopedic Concerns

Soles Bamboo Socks have specially made compression socks for people with diabetic or orthopedic concerns. Those who wear calipers, braces, or other orthopedic devices may freely wear these stretchable bamboo socks without worrying about wear and tear.

Those who suffer from diabetes will find comfort in these compression socks. They are also stretchable enough to still provide maximum comfort. Simply pick your size from the sock size guide above.

Found Your Size?

Shopping online is easy; The real challenge lies in finding the right size. We hope that with these sock size guides, you were able to find out the right size for you. If you still haven’t, then feel free to email us at info@soles.net.au.

Breathe comfort into your life with Soles.

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