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Our feet are always exposed to pressure. However, socks are there to look after them when we’re at work doing pretty tough jobs. To provide extra comfort to the feet throughout the day, Soles created the Worker Sock, the trendiest cotton bamboo work socks in Australia.

Our thick bamboo work socks in Australia are ideal for everyday use. Because they are thick and comfortable, they can be paired with industrial or steel toe capped boots. Thanks to its bamboo material, moisture and odour can be kept at bay, ensuring that the feet remains dry and comfortable all day long.

Now, if you are looking for the ultimate bamboo work socks in Australia, you can never go wrong with these premium Worker Socks from Soles. With a wide array of features, including arch support and elastane, this pair will be perfect for any working man.

Do you still need a pair of bamboo socks workwear that you can rely on for heavy duty work? Look no further because our bamboo work socks in Australia are already the best choice.

Bamboo Work Socks Features

Bamboo Fibre

  • Viscose from Bamboo is a natural product that protects against UV radiation and contains antibacterial agents

Merino Wool

  • Located at the heels and toes, merino wool is a known for its durability and tensile strength. Protect against rubbing and friction at the top of the boots makes merino wool ideal. Its natural ability to wick away water makes odour resistance and maximises its thermal resistance.

Needle Size thickness

  • Thick socks made from 84 gauge needles for a larger fibre strand and increased durability whilst on the job site.

Arch Support

  • Compression through the transverse arch of the foot to assist your foot muscles through a long shift.

Elastane to prevent sliding down the calf

  • Stop that sliding down your leg, preventing you from bending down every time to pull those socks back up the leg.

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7 reviews for The Worker Sock

  1. Jasper

    I’ve had the Worker Socks for more than three months now. What can I say? It is such an amazing product that I can wear all day! The moment I take them off after a long day at work, it doesn’t smell at all. I haven’t gotten any irritations on my feet, too.

  2. Dylan

    I just wanted to say that I love the Worker Socks. They fit perfectly and they are very comfortable to wear. Thank you for creating such an amazing product.

  3. Rose

    My partner has been suffering with sweaty feet. Since he started using the Worker Socks from Soles, things changed. I no longer hide whenever my partner takes off his shoes. Plus, they are thick and soft to the feet. Thank you, Soles!

  4. Justin

    Saw these socks after purchasing many others and thought I would give them a go. Just had a 13-hour day on the concrete and these are the best things I’ve ever worn. It was so comfortable and I didn’t suffer from swollen legs or ankles. My partner experienced the same thing, too! These pairs of socks are definitely a great investment. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending them to all labourers!

  5. Jack

    I have already tried a number of brands, and so far, your socks are the best and the most comfortable to wear. The Worker Socks of Soles deserves more than a 5-star rating.

  6. Michael

    For me I couldn’t find anything that would support my arch, these are excellent. I like how they don’t slide down all day at work. Quality

  7. Shannon Hurvitz

    It’s been a struggle to find a clinically viable sock for my patients over the years and now I have! Great outcomes with patients and customer satisfaction at its highest. 5 star rating from us at Sydney East Podiatry.

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