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7 Reasons to Switch to Organic Socks

Since industrialisation, our environment has gone through many changes. It has experienced all kinds of pollution and toxins from vehicles, large factories, and the negligence of humanity. Before the state of the environment gets worse, everyone should take part in helping minimise environmental impact.

Today, many manufacturers focus on producing organic goods that can replace those with harmful effects on the environment. One of the eco-cognizant ventures of manufacturers is the production of thick bamboo socks in Australia. Organic socks carry health benefits that may come helpful for you.

If you want to take a step forward to achieving a healthy lifestyle and help in saving the Earth, it is time to reconsider and switch to organic products such as bamboo socks.

1. Organic Socks are Sustainable.

Organic production materials such as bamboos are resistant to harmful pests. They grow quickly and they serve to benefit the soil in which they grow. They usually take three to four years to reach fruition from the time they are planted.

While it may seem a long time, it is still a relatively quick cycle of production for tree-like plants. They grow very quickly. And once they’re cut, networks of roots produce new plants to continue the endless cycle of growth.

Bamboos, in specific, grow well in marginal soil. This means that they don’t need irrigation or fertiliser to grow, and they don’t need pesticide to flourish.

2. Organic Socks have No Chemicals.

As manufacturers adhere to rigid and strict production standards, you can ensure that organic socks are safe. Organic materials are naturally grown without pesticides so they have much lesser chemicals on it.

Despite using the chemical process to convert organic materials into viscose fibres, the chemicals become inert and are washed away, leaving perfectly organic fibres.

Additionally, viscose fibres are non-allergenic. They qualify for OEKO-TEX 100 certification, which attests to the final product being chemical-free. Viscose fibres require less dye than cotton as they keep their colouration a lot longer.

3. Organic Socks are Softer than Cotton.

Viscose fibres from bamboos have been compared to some of the most luxurious fabrics like Egyptian cotton and silk. Viscose fibres are silk-like in softness, making the final products softer than any cotton products and synthetic materials you can find on the market.

On the contrary, cotton products don’t do well in the damp dungeons of your inner-shoe. They don’t also respond well to the heat-oozing, moisture pumping presence of your foot.

The softness of the viscose fibres produces less friction in your shoes. When you wear these socks, they give you comfort and reduce the risk of blister formations. You will not experience any allergic reaction and skin irritation, which are not always the case for cotton.

4. Organic Socks are Clean.

Several studies show that fabrics made from viscose fibres have more antibacterial properties than those made from cotton or other clothing material. The results of the studies suggest that there is no germ growth in viscose materials.

The antimicrobial properties of organic socks help reduce bacteria that thrive on cotton and polyester. So, when you wear organic socks, such as the thick bamboo socks in Australia, your feet will stay clean and will have less fungus and microbes. If you want to attain healthy foot care, it is best to switch to organic socks.

5. Organic Socks are more Absorbent than Cotton, Producing a Better Smell.

Bamboo socks and other organic socks absorb moisture four times more than cotton socks do. To see it firsthand, try putting cotton fibres and viscose fibres in a bowl full of water. You will find that cotton fibres float and the viscose fibres suck up water and sink. This means that the viscose fibres are hollow, allowing them to take in more moisture.

You will experience a notable boost in dryness and comfort when you wear organic socks.

On another note, foot odour comes from the presence of bacteria that thrives in damp areas. So when moisture is removed, there is no room for bacteria to flourish. After wearing organic socks for multiple days in a row, your feet will be a lot less stinky and more comfortable.

6. Organic Socks are Stronger than Cotton.

It is no mystery that viscose fibres from bamboos are among the most durable fabrics to wear or just cosy up against. When properly cared for, the bamboo fibres outlast cotton and other traditional clothing materials in keeping shape, strength, and durability three times more.

The care methods for organic socks are simple and effective. The bamboo materials require less washing than most cotton do, which also plays a role in the life cycle of the products. Other than that, bamboo materials also require less dye than cotton for colouration. Their bright colours will significantly last longer than in cotton.

7. Organic Socks Promote Overall Health and Wellbeing.

When using organic socks, you will not only benefit from their superior comfortability and durability. You will also minimise the harm to your environment and your health. From the careful preparation to weed control and harvesting, the organic farming method has proven to be safer as it does not rely on toxic chemicals.

In addition, organic materials are safe for farmers. No farmer will ever have to suffer the unconventional cotton production that leads to poisoning.

Through embracing organic products, you will take a leading step towards healthy living.

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