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How to Take Care of Your Bamboo Socks

Polyester and cotton are the traditional materials used to create socks, but in a world that is slowly waking up to the demands of nature, manufacturers now turn to better, more environmentally friendly alternatives like bamboo. In Australia, more and more people are making the switch to earth-saving products which sometimes involves tossing out their old polyester pairs in favour of their bamboo counterparts.

Understandably so, bamboo socks offer better comfort to the wearer being twice as soft as the other synthetic options. Bamboo socks also have better moisture-wicking properties. This spells good news to everybody who perspires a lot. Aside from that, sock companies like Soles design socks that have specialised features for varying purposes. For instance, Soles have socks that are intended for diabetics and there are also options for the workers out there. They have a selection of the most comfortable bamboo socks Australia has to offer.

There are countless benefits to wearing bamboo socks that we can enumerate here, and with great benefits come the responsibility of care and maintenance so as not to waste your investment.

If you went to Soles for your first pair bamboo socks in Australia, you might want to take measures to preserve its longevity. Which is why in this article, we share some helpful tips on how to take care of your bamboo socks. Let’s start with a basic rule:

Stick to Washing, Avoid Dry Cleaning

Wash your socks and avoid dry cleaning them whenever you can. In washing the socks, use cold to warm water of up to 60 degrees Celsius. It is also highly recommended to use a gentle detergent in washing the socks. Strictly steer clear of any chlorine bleach.

Using these on your white bamboo Soles socks will lead to irreversible yellowing that will eventually ruin them. If you want to brighten your socks, use baking soda instead. Make sure to rinse thoroughly!

With these washing conditions, you can retain the special qualities of these socks while making sure that they remain clean and fresh.

Dry Out in the Sun

For bamboo socks, machine drying is acceptable but make sure not to overdo it! Use a mild or air tumble setting when you have no other options but to machine dry. You can end up with damaged fabrics and shrunken socks when you over dry so keep it to a minimum. The best way to dry out your bamboo socks is through line drying while the sun is out.

When Ironing, Use Low Heat Settings

Bamboo fibres, in general, do not require ironing. However, if your best judgment dictates that you have to, then turn your iron to its lowest heat setting. It is also better to iron while the garment is slightly damp since the bamboo fibres react to heat better that way.

When ironed with very high heat, bamboo fibres may disintegrate and in extreme cases, they can even burn. Protect your bamboo socks by following proper care protocols and you might just have a pair that lasts for a long time.

Store Properly

Protect your Soles bamboo socks by storing them properly. Proper sock storage involves making certain that there are no heat sources that may damage the fibres. Any wardrobe closet or dresser drawer near a heat vent or radiator should be considered as unsafe places to store your socks. Move your socks to a cooler part of the room. This way, you have super soft pairs of socks that are free of any damage.

Don’t Stretch

Socks are made to have a certain level of elasticity in them. When you wear them, make sure that you do not pull on the garment too much. Doing so may lead to the garment eventually losing its shape in the long run. When you are drying your socks, don’t leave it out for too long as hanging them up for an extended period can also have adverse effects on its structural integrity.

For bamboo socks, it is best to fold them neatly rather than curling them up as doing so stretches them unnecessarily. Do the same for other garments that are made from bamboo fibres.

All these steps can help preserve the longevity of your bamboo socks. As a final tip, we recommend reading the care instructions attached by your bamboo socks seller, if there are any. In most cases, these bamboo socks will have different care instructions depending on the manufacturer. If you haven’t bought one, it is high time that you do. you haven’t bought one, it is high time that you do.

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