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How to Pick the Right Bamboo Socks

Sick of your old socks? Perhaps you are looking for a more comfortable alternative to your typical half cotton, half elastane-made socks. For a long time, these types of socks have dominated the market and served many owners over the years. But its effects have proven to be detrimental not only to the health of some users but also to the environment.  

Fortunately, the fabric and clothing industry have been revolutionizing ways to create clothing that is sustainable, biodegradable, and environmentfriendly. These innovations have allowed for the wide use of bamboo as a raw material to manufacture eco-friendly clothing, in this case, bamboo socks.  

Why Choose Bamboo Socks?  

Bamboo socks have a lot of proven benefits in keeping our feet healthy throughout a busy day. Another thing that makes bamboo socks great is their versatility – they can be used in a range of activities including jogging and running, while others provide comfort for people with diabetes. You can also find pairs that are amazing for everyday use as they give the support needed in extended use.  

These socks are also made in many popular styles and, at the moment, they are also distributed by many companies for an affordable retail price. As such, finding the best pair of bamboo socks Australia has to offer might be challenging. But when you know what to look for, we believe finding the perfect pair of bamboo socks will be a breeze. Here are the things you should keep in mind when you shop for your next pair:  

Check the Comfort Level 

A pair of sock’s comfort level may be argued as highly subjective, but if you cannot tell for sure if it is going to be comfortable just based on the touch and feel, there are other ways you can check its comfort level. For one, you can check the materials used to make the socks. Some bamboo socks are made from a combination of elastane and bamboo, the key here is to check the percentage of each material. 

Bamboo socks made with at least 70% bamboo are extremely soft and comfortable. They are lightweight and ideal for all kinds of weather conditions. Whether you get extremely cold in winter, or sweaty in summer, this breathable formulation is sure to give you comfort.  

Ensure Durability and Weather-Proof Features 

The life of socks is dependent on how well the owners follow the washing instructions. Adhered to properly, bamboo socks are generally durable. Some companies even distribute bamboo socks that are specially made for people who work on the field. These socks are made to last which means they are created with the best materials to ensure its longevity.  

Additionally, you can also maximise your purchase by buying socks from a company that offers socks with weather-proof features. Reputable brands, like Soles, have bamboo socks Australia that are created with the toughest materials like bamboo and merino wool.  

Consider Other Features and Benefits 

Aside from the obvious features of a comfortable bamboo sock, you also have to consider other features like anti-bacterial capabilities, UV radiation, and so on. Other questions you can ask yourself are: Do they have the proper arch support for your feet? Do they come with the needle size thickness that you prefer?  

Bamboo socks can be pricey, which is why you have to ensure that the extra bucks you invest in buying your socks are worth it. Features like anti-bacterial agents are crucial especially for diabetics who can’t risk having any bacteria on a wound or injury. Non-allergenic socks are also suitable for people who easily get irritations when exposed to allergens. UV radiation protection, on the other hand, is important for people who work under the harsh heat of the sun all day, every day.  

So know your purpose for the socks, and choose the best pair that matches your needs and lifestyle.  

Start with Soles! 

If it is your first time shopping for bamboo socks, it is a good idea to start with a reputable brand, like Soles. We are a sock company with the goal of giving every customer a chance to experience comfort. We do this by conducting rigorous research on attaining the best sock quality so that you, our dear customer, can enjoy your purchase.  

Even if you are a worker who has to work in humid temperatures, you can ease your discomfort with a trusty pair of socks. Our bamboo work socks Australia are made with the wearers in mind. Rest assured, you get nothing but comfort and security.  

Our dedication also extends to our concern for our environment. These socks are 100% biodegradable, which means that you can be comfortable without harming our planet.  

You may purchase from our online shop. You may also reach us on if you have further enquiries about our products. Get your own pair of bamboo socks today! 

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