how do compression socks improve circulation

Compression Socks: How They Can Improve Circulation

Compression socks are believed to be only for people who are suffering from medical conditions. Health and comfort are the priority for these people after all. But did you know that they are also great even for normal individuals with no medical history?  

Before you dump the idea of buying a pair for yourself down the drain, you might want to read this article. Know more about compressions socks; how do compression socks improve circulation and where can you find good ones?  

Your Enemy is Gravity. 

Our heart is a powerful organ that pumps blood all over our body. It fuels us to move, breathe, and do just about anything. The number one enemy that we face when it comes to maintaining this circulation, however, is one we cannot see—gravity.  

Your heart has to work against this gravitational pull to make sure that the blood goes back to our heart and out into the rest of our body again. Our heart has to do this for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no time for rest.  

When this circulation is inefficient, your whole body might not be getting the proper amount of blood, oxygen, and other nutrients that it needs. Poor circulation can cause tingling, numbness, throbbing, pain, and even muscle cramps. Poor circulation is also often a result of an underlying condition like diabetes or heart disease. If such is the case, then you should make sure that poor circulation is at least alleviated for better health and well-being.  

Factors that might Impede Circulation even Further.  

Other factors that worsen your circulation are pre-existing health conditions, lack of movement, injury or surgery, and weakness in the walls of the veins of the legs (medically referred to as venous insufficiency). These factors all have one thing in common – extremities or other parts of your body are not strong enough to fight against gravity.  

This weakness results in blood pooling in the veins of the lower legs or feet. This pooling can cause your legs to swell, fatigue, or ache. Venous clot is also an imminent risk if this issue is not addressed properly. 

So now that you know these things, how do compression socks improve circulation?  

Compression Socks have a Squeezing Effect on your Legs. 

Again, your main enemy is gravity. By squeezing the leg tissues and walls of your veins, compression socks can drive the blood back to the heart in a heartbeat. It also tightens the veins in this area so the wearer feels less swollen and uncomfortable.  

Compression socks are great for people who suffer from diabetes since it eases their discomfort from having swollen and sensitive legs. Athletes and runners wear compression socks for this same purpose as well. The squeezing effect that compression socks offer improves their circulation and directly affects their performance in these sports. 

Lymph Flow is Enhanced with this Squeezing Effect.  

Tissue swelling is mostly caused by fluid (called lymph) that stagnates without proper circulation. Compression socks enhance the flow of this fluid and therefore lessens tissue swelling in that area. Even if you are not an athlete or a diabetic, you can still reap the benefits of compression socks. 

Healthy individuals who have tried out compression socks report feeling less tired after a long day’s work. You don’t have to wait before you are older and have health issues to see the benefits of wearing a pair of compression socks for yourself.  

Important Things to Remember: 

Compression socks do a lot of wonders to our health and even mental well-being. Although compression socks are generally beneficial, there are some things you have to keep in mind before you go and purchase your own pair:  

Check with your Doctor for the Right Compression Rate.  

Just like anything else, too much or too little of anything can be bad. Compression socks that are too loose will do nothing to improve your health, while socks that are too tight can worsen your condition. It is important, therefore, that you check with your doctor or a professional fitter for the right compression rate. 

Compression rate is the amount of pressure applied to the leg. There are about four or five levels of compression. Different compression rate are appropriate for healthy people, pregnant women, and others. Diabetics may need higher compression levels. 

Choose the Right Sized Socks.  

For the tricky part, you have to check with the store where you are buying the compression socks from. Get familiar with your own measurements with the help of handy tape measure. You’ll have to take the measurements of your ankle, calf, thigh, and the distance from your knee or thigh to the floor.  

If you are still unsure, compression sock shops like Soles provide a comprehensive sock size guide on their website. Use this guide to know which size is the right one for you. You can also give the shop a call and have personnel help you out.  

Wear them Properly.  

Compression socks will only be helpful if the wearer is wearing them properly. Some materials are more comfortable than others. Some material might also be more comfortable to you, on the other hand, other materials might be unbearable to you. However, there seems to be a universal consensus that bamboo compression socks are extremely comfortable. Bamboo fibres are also naturally anti-bacterial so you don’t have to worry about germs festering after wearing them for extended hours.  

Wrinkled socks or low-quality compression socks can also lead to even more irritation. Make sure to choose ones that are of the right quality as well. Lastly, wear them well! 

Get in touch with Soles today to learn more about compression socks! 

How do compression socks improve circulation? With this article, all your questions are hopefully answered. If you are curious and would like to learn more about compression socks, feel free to get in touch with Soles today. 

Soles is your partner in comfortable living. With our bamboo compression socks, you can have better circulation and health. Whether you are a diabetic or an athlete, you can get one for yourself and have the Soles experience now.

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