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Finest Quality of Worker, Diabetic and Bamboo Business Socks

Taking care of our feet seems quite taken for granted by most of us. What we don’t realise is the importance of foot care is equally needed for the whole body to work healthily. Your feet are always part of your everyday adventure in life, whether indoor or outdoor activities. 

In relation, anyone who has to try serving in the dangerous field of Infantry thinks that the second most salient object is a good pair of clean socks. Treating your feet right is a critical thing to consider. That’s why investing in quality-made foot garments is needed. And socks are the chivalrous knights ought to protect your feet.  

Here at Soles, our Podiatry-inspired bamboo sock designs are meticulously created with multiple testing to produce a perfect pack of socks for every daily activity of your feet. From reducing foot pain to maximising thermal resistance, Soles got the best of both. We ensure you that our socks are comfortable, durable, and breathable.  

Our products are chiefly inspired by bamboo fabric. To name one of them, we have Bamboo Business Socks.  

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the characteristics of our top-rated quality products: 

The Bamboo Business Sock

The combination of therapeutic and stylish socks for business is given reality by Soles’ Business Socks.  

On one hand, a formal business setting doesn’t necessarily mean style is neglected. As stated by a renowned French model, Ines de la Fressange“The secret of great style is to feel good in what you wear.” That’s why Soles created the epitome colour of sophistication for business socks — black.  

On the other hand, most of the socks’ designs forsake health benefits to improve fashion. However, at Soles, we take into consideration therapeutic benefits for the finest quality of business socks all over Australia. Due to its bamboo-made material, it gives superior comfort to the feet. 

From a double-layered hypoallergenic material, our eco-friendly business sock is gentle on the skin. Thus, this is a must-have for sensitive skins. Essentially, this is the first product that goes with the 5 pack of socks in one bundle.  

The Diabetic Sock

Suffering from diabetes affects the nervous system because of the high level of blood sugar. One common symptom of diabetic neuropathy is numbness in the soles of the feet. This often results in an increased possibility of being injured and insensitivity to pain. 

Because of the common vulnerabilities of a diabetic person, we built a diabetic sock solely created to bring relief to their feet. We understand how burdensome are the complications brought by this condition. And these risks become our inspiration to produce diabetic bamboo cotton socks.  

They are originally combined with bamboo and cotton to exhibit a perfect blend of antibacterial and UV protection effects. Hence, they are exceptionally ideal for people with diabetes.  

The Worker Sock

Fieldwork undeniably requires hard work from a person. In Australia alone, almost 356,000 people are relatively working for labour-intensive activities in the fields. And the rigorous work influences the physicality of the workers, including their feet.  

The importance of feet protection is ideal for exhausting working days. An increasing number of customers are switching to Worker Sock as it alleviates pressure effects from tough jobs.  

Aside from the incorporation of Viscose natural fibre, our Worker Socks are combined with Merino wool for its tensile strength. Therefore, they can be paired with any industrial-related boots. The best pair of quality compression bamboo work socks in Australia can be found at Soles.  

We let you end your day with pleasant feet comfort for any work.  

Why Choose Soles?

At Soles, we prioritise the real-life effects of daily life struggles. Whether on challenging fieldwork or organising business-related work, we offer pain relief satisfaction to your feet–your body’s foundations.  

Humans approximately can walk at an average of 3.1 miles per hour. And universally, feet are made for walking. Thus, foot care is substantial to avoid musculoskeletal disorders of the foot’s entirety.  

That’s where our creations are ushered. We combined scientific studies from Podiatrists and remarkable ideas to established a remedy of Australia’s often overlooked problem–foot pain. Guaranteed premium materials are included in every bestseller product.  

Start Your Day with Soles!

As reviewed by our customers, we have provided them with the exceptional products and services needed for any reputable business. And we highlight our company’s objectives in our product range: bamboo business sock, worker sock, and diabetic sock.  

Want to try these must-have socks? Get in touch with us now! We are available online. We don’t have a physical store yet, but local podiatrists are proudly selling our socks in different areas across the country. You just need to contact us at for further enquiries.  

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