Everything You Need to Know About Compression Socks

How long or frequently do you spend time caring for your feet? We are so accustomed to walking that we forget our feet’s importance. We often take good care of our bodies but give less attention to our feet. In other words, we don’t give our feet the same attention as our different body parts.   

And this is not good practice, especially if you do sports or are about to have major surgery. For either of the two, you must give your feet special attention and protection. And wearing compression socks is one of the best comfort options as they are made to exert pressure on your lower leg, reducing pain and regulating blood flow.   

But for how long should you wear compression socks? What is the best on the market? Here’s everything you need to know about compression socks   

Compression Socks: What Are They?

As the name implies, these socks are made to put gentle pressure on your legs and ankles. They are available in various shapes, lengths, colours, and compression strengths. And typically, professional surgeons and podiatrists advise the correct measurement of your size.   

When leg issues start in the veins, compression sock reduces swelling and pain by applying enough pressure to your feet. Thus, people with limited movement due to surgery are the primary users of these socks.  

So, if it improves comfort, can they be worn continuously? Find out below. 

Compression Socks: How Long Should You Wear Them?

It depends.  

With Surgery

On the one hand, whether you need to wear it continuously or only during a predetermined period depends on the type of operation you underwent. Therefore, it is best to follow your doctor’s advice to determine how long you need to wear it.  

And, if, in any case, you might need to wear your compression stockings for a longer time, a precise quantity of mmHg compression socks is required for the majority of surgical recoveries. This is to maximise the therapeutic advantages for your legs and feet.   

To give you a general idea, here is an estimated time frame provided by orthopaedic doctors for various surgeries:  

  • Knee Surgery: 3-5 weeks (only take them off when you wash them)  
  • Vein Surgery: 2-6 weeks   
  • Hip Surgery: 6 weeks (you can sleep with them on)   
  • Ankle Sprain: 8-12 hours a day for four weeks (not for sleeping time)  

Without Surgery

On the other hand, if you don’t have any surgery and want to feel comfortable, there is no risk in trying these socks out. As long as they make you feel comfortable, you can wear them constantly. 

Bamboo Compression Socks: Why Choose Them?

With bamboo’s historically known structural characteristics, it never fails to provide excellent solutions to human problems. And its bamboo fibre’s advantages are no exception. Given its eco-friendly design, natural bamboo fibre is also a component of compression socks.  

Not only that, but bamboo socks are also renowned for their antibacterial, breathable, moisture-wicking, and thermal-regulating qualities. And if these features are added with the comfort provided by compression socks, wearing bamboo compression socks is like hitting two birds with one stone. You’ve just had two back-to-back positive benefits! 

When in Doubt, Choose Soles!

However, with lots of brands offered in the market, what is best for you? When looking for the best, remember the name Soles. Our skilled podiatrists created the perfect pair of socks for every foot, kind of skin, activity, and lifestyle.   

Bamboo Compression Socks: What Are Their Benefits?

Now that you know how compression socks function, it’s time to learn more about some of their advantages. 

Benefit #1: Prevents Blood Clot

Every surgery comes with mobility restrictions. Thus, there is a chance that motionless body movement could cause blood clots. That is why you should use compression socks. With their capacity to preserve the normal flow of blood, they avoid abnormal blood circulation. 

Benefit #2: No Excessive Swelling

Swelling is a common side effect of surgery. However, using bamboo compression socks helps reduce excessive inflammation. 

Benefit #3: Reduces the Development of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) Risk

Blood clots that stop the blood flow are the origin of DVT. Bloodstream clots have the potential to become lodged in the lungs and cause a potentially fatal pulmonary embolism.  

Thus, prevent DVT by wearing compression socks.  They promote normal blood flow. 

Benefit #4: Faster Recovery

Healing requires the flow of blood. And if a gradual bamboo compression can control blood flow, the blood continues to serve its purpose. Blood delivers the ideal quantity of nutrients and oxygen your body requires, accelerating the healing process. 

Enjoy Life with the Right Socks from Soles!

At Soles, your lifestyle is essential. Hence, our products are designed for real situations that can happen to our clients, such as surgeries. And as we strive to help you, we proudly offer compression socks of your choice.  

Reach us at info@soles.net.au.   

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