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How Do Compression Socks Benefit Those With Diabetes

Compression socks are worn to improve blood circulation among diabetics. Because they’re a non-invasive treatment method, they have been widely used to maintain the right amount of pressure on the feet and legs.

So, how do they work? How do they benefit diabetics?

How Diabetic Compression Socks Work to Improve Circulation

When worn, compression socks improve blood circulation. They gently squeeze the calf and foot muscles, straightening out the vein walls to a better state. Because of this gentle compression, the valves can function properly, allowing blood to flow smoothly.

Although most diabetic socks in Australia do a pretty good job in assisting the flow of blood, they are not created equal. They provide various levels of pressure, which is measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg). They can range from very light compression to extra firm.

Depending on the severity of the condition, the level of compression to be used varies. Stronger compression levels do not necessarily suggest they’re better. The milder levels are generally recommended. To be sure, consult your doctor.

Other Benefits of Compression Socks

Aside from promoting proper blood flow, compression socks offer a plethora of benefits to diabetics. Among these benefits are:

1. Compression socks can combat the symptoms of diseases by reducing aches, pain, swelling, and fatigue. This is because they are designed to improve nerve sensitivity and prevent swelling from occurring.

2. Diabetics are often told to take caution. When they get injured or cut in the feet and the wounds go unnoticed, they can worsen and become serious, life-threatening conditions. Wearing these socks can help prevent friction and blistering.

Where to Buy Compression Socks in Australia

Yes, a pair of compression socks for diabetics might just be the support that you need to manage your diabetes, as well as the side effects that come with it. However, where do you get it?

In Australia, there is only one shop for your diabetic compression socks need: Soles Australia. Because our product is made of bamboo and cotton, it can guarantee to offer comfort, breathability, and durability. It also exhibits maximum thermal resistance and high levels of air permeability. Plus, its seamless stitching prevents irritation and blistering at the toes.

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