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Diabetic Compression Socks: A Guide To Help You Choose the Best Pair

Living with diabetes could be a great impediment, especially when you are suffering from the advanced stages of the disease. We understand how difficult it can be to stay relaxed when all you feel is the pain. But don’t let the disease take over you, don’t let it stop you from living a comfortable life. We’re here to tell you that there is a way to ease your pain and discomfort.

Thanks to diabetic compression socks, you now have a chance to live more comfortably. With its compression feature, these diabetic socks Australia help prevent swelling on your lower extremities. Your feet, ankles, and legs now have better circulation thus minimising damage to blood vessels and lessen your risk for infection.

How do you know which pairs of diabetic compression socks are right for you? There are a number of options available in the market right now when it comes to diabetic compression socks. With so many variations which have varying effects on the wearer, it can be confusing which one you should choose.

Soles, the brand trusted by many podiatrists in Australia, gives you this comprehensive guide that aims to help you pick the best pair of socks for you.

Know The Difference: Compression Socks vs Normal Socks

Now you might be asking yourself why you need compression socks when the normal ones are much cheaper. For one, compression socks are made for the sole purpose of creating more compression to your feet, ankles, and legs to promote proper blood flow.

For diabetic people who suffer from tired and swollen legs, compression socks have the medical advantage of easing this problem. Diabetic socks Australia are also made without seams, this is because people with diabetes, depending on the level of neuropathy they may or may not have, experience nerve damage that makes them susceptible to untreated wounds that may develop at the seams. This unnoticed wound could fester and become infected.

Clearly, some of these are hard to achieve with just ordinary socks, so choose the ones that are made for you. Check out the Soles store to learn more about our products.

Know Your Type

There are many types of compression socks and depending on your condition, you can pick from any of these:

Prescription-strength compression socks are socks that you can only buy when you have a prescription from a doctor. This type is also graded based on its “strength” or the amount of compression in the socks.

Another type of compression socks are the over-the-counter ones which, as the name suggests, are the socks that you can buy in most pharmacies even without a doctor’s prescription. These socks are perfect for mild swelling. Unlike the previous type, over-the-counter compression socks would not require any fitting, but it is recommended to bring your shoes along when you are picking out your choice since they tend to be thicker.

Lastly, compression socks with diabetes-specific features like open-toe compression socks are perfect for those who are diabetic. The open-toed feature makes checking the feet for cuts or sores much easier than having to remove the sock entirely.

Diabetic compression socks like the ones sold here at Soles are made with bamboo and cotton fibers which allows for comfort, durability, and breathability. Its diabetic-specific features include seamless toe stitching to prevent any form of irritation, calf compression to decrease swelling, reinforced heel for extra cushioning, and arch support for the soles.

Know Your Needs

To start, you can make an assessment on the level of your discomfort and ask yourself why you need compression socks in the first place. It is easier to find a pair that meets your needs once you understand your condition. For example, if you have problems with your circulation, you might find socks that have very light compression, or you might not even need it at all.

If you have edema, you can try putting on socks with slight compression which can ease your condition without harming your circulation. Our suggestion is to start from within and be self-aware. After all, you know yourself best. If you are still confused about your condition then consult a specialist, which brings us to our next point.

Check With Your Doctor

Seeing your doctor and discussing how to go about your proper foot care will help narrow down your choice. For one, your doctor could give you a prescription as to which socks would be best for you. If not, you could still ask which ones would be most suited for you, given your current condition.

If you have not developed any type of neuropathy, wear socks that feel most comfortable in your feet. Make sure that they are seamless to prevent irritation. If you are experiencing new or worsening symptoms, check with your doctor as soon as possible.

Consider Your Shoes

Remember to also consider your shoes. Good socks won’t help if your shoes are pinching your feet or causing injuries and ulcers. Diabetic neuropathy can be a serious condition, but you can avoid many of the possible complications if you care for your feet and wear the right socks and shoes.

Aside from picking out the right pair of diabetic compression socks, you have to have the right shoes. Even the most comfortable diabetic socks Australia will not help your condition if you have tight shoes that offer neither support nor comfort. Avoid further complications by taking care of your feet, wear socks made by reputable brands like Soles.

Get Your Soles Socks Today!

Made from a blend of bamboo and cotton fibers, the diabetic socks from Soles offer maximum comfort and safety for the wearer. Get your pair today when you shop at our store. Visit our shop now to learn more.

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