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10 Surprising Benefits of Wearing Bamboo Cotton Socks

Bamboo is one of the most versatile plants in the world. It is often used as a medicine, food, decoration, and even as a material for some everyday items like frames and furniture. It is undeniable that bamboo is known globally for its many uses and of course, for its fibre.

Bamboo fabric makes a good substitute for synthetic cloth and natural cotton fibres. A visible increase in demand for bamboo linens and clothing shows that its growing popularity as a revolutionary green product of the future.

If you’ve been thinking about switching to the greener choice, why not start small? Wear bamboo cotton socks and you’ll be amazed by the surprising benefits such as:

1. It does not only eliminate odour but it is also comfortable.

It’s a known fact that bamboo fabric absorbs four times more moisture than your regular socks. Bamboo socks repel the bad odour better than any other socks, so you won’t have to be embarrassed about taking your shoes off in the company of your friends.

More importantly, bamboo socks are equally comfortable and durable. With Soles Bamboo Cotton Socks, you can guarantee that they won’t tear after a couple of uses, keeping your feet fresh and dry the entire day.

2. It does not require special care.

Unlike your delicate wool socks, bamboo socks are relatively easier to clean and store. You can have your socks hand washed or you can toss your bamboo socks in the washing machine like most of your clothes.

To avoid any discolouration, you can use baking soda to brighten up the colours of your socks.

Always check the care and wash labels on each item for the proper instructions on the best care. In most cases, it’s best to wash your socks with cold or warm water to maximize the lifespan of your natural fibre clothing

3. It doesn’t irritate your skin.

Because of the breathability and natural fibres, bamboo socks are very good at making your skin look good and healthy. The combination of the incredibly soft fabric, along with the other natural benefits, provide the best care your feet deserve.

Plus, the impressive properties of bamboo socks make them suitable for wearing to your sports activities, work, or even to aid your diabetic condition.

The natural bamboo fibres are gentle on the skin, making them ideal for those with allergies and skin conditions such as eczema. Unlike wool or man-made fibres such as nylon, the delicate bamboo fabric caresses your feet with its comfort and softness.

So, if you ever suffer from irritations or reactions to certain fabrics, bamboo socks are sure to keep your feet happy.

4. It’s perfect for everyone.

Most bamboo socks are fashionably stylish. They come in all sorts of designs. Often, they come in a variety of types from ankle socks or over-the-calf socks. Just like your ordinary socks, some socks fit tight, while others fit firmly without constricting or compressing your feet.

With Soles Bamboo Cotton Socks, you can find the right size by simply checking our sizing chart. At Soles, each sock is designed to be comfortable, breathable, and durable but are also tailored to help you, as an individual, become the best you.

5. It’s made from a renewable resource.

Bamboo can grow easily in varying climates and soil conditions. Because it grows so quickly, bamboo is considered a renewable resource. Unlike cotton, it can even withstand water shortages and would only need two-thirds less water to grow.

Also, bamboo grows naturally – it isn’t hard to maintain and requires little to no pesticides. Because of these, it’s relatively easy to keep bamboo plantations organic and be able to produce high-quality products made from bamboo.

6. It will last longer.

Conforming to the popular belief, bamboo socks last longer than other socks. You don’t have to worry about your Soles Bamboo Cotton Socks tearing after a few washes in the washing machine. These socks are made-to-last and will even get softer the moment you wash them.

These socks are more durable when punctured or pulled, which means it can support your strenuous activities at work or during your sports training and exercise.

7. It has added protection.

What you get from bamboo socks are the added protection and support. With the perfect blend of bamboo and cotton, you enjoy comfort and breathability like never before. Made by expert podiatrists, these bamboo socks have support arch compression and seamless toe stitching to prevent unnecessary irritation.

8. It can save at least 8,000 litres of water.

Again, bamboo is a very earth-friendly material to grow, process, and use. You can grow more bamboo plants as cotton with only 10% less land. That means your production is not limited and your damage to the environment is lessened.

Since water is a precious resource, using less of it is a priority. In a study, bamboo products like socks can save at least 8,000 to 20,000 litres of water compared to cotton plantation and wool farms. In most cases, naturally falling rain is more than enough to keep the plants hydrated.

9. It is 100% sustainable.

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on the planet. However, it also needs proper care and maintenance. Don’t worry because it’s such an easy thing to do. It does not even need any intensive chemical treatments like other types of trees.

Also, planting more of these trees will help preseve the forests. So obviously, there are some advantages of using bamboo socks vs cotton socks.

10. It uses less dye than cotton.

Bamboo fabric is soft and light, and it requires less dye than cotton. This means we can make the colours bright and vivid and keep the manufacturing process eco-friendly.

You can ditch wearing your yellow off-the-calf socks, and switch to a better solution by using bamboo cotton socks.

Breathe comfort into your life with Soles.

At Soles, you can say goodbye to gross foot odours and enjoy better breathability. Browse through our website to know what options are available.

Get your own pair of bamboo socks today! You may reach us at if you have further enquiries about our products.

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