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All You Need to Know About Diabetic Socks

People who suffer from diabetes often require many medical equipments for daily treatment. They require tools to monitor their blood sugar levels, lancets, syringes, just to name a few. Having diabetes is tough, but there are therapeutic tools that can ease the discomfort that comes with the disease like specialised diabetic socks.

Diabetic socks are important for people who are diagnosed with the disease. Before you go shopping for diabetic socks for sale, you must first dig deeper into the intricacies of this product. Most of all, you have to know if wearing diabetic socks will even help at all. So, do consult with your doctor after this article on everything you should know about diabetic socks.

Why Do People With Diabetes Need Diabetic Socks?

One of the complications that come with the condition is that healing takes longer. High blood sugar causes the body’s immune system to slow down, which is why even the smallest cuts and wounds can take days to heal. Another complication that comes with diabetes is the susceptibility to swelling which is also associated with the compromised immune system.

It is crucial to protect the limbs and the skin from any wounds that might lead to infection. Untreated ones might even open the possibility of amputation. Diabetic socks are made to combat these very possible complications or at least mitigate them from getting worse.

What Features Do Diabetic Socks Have That Others Don’t?

Good manufacturers that have diabetic socks for sale are keen on designing and creating these socks with the wearers in mind. For this reason, diabetic socks are made with features that ordinary socks do not have. These features include the following:

Seamless Stitching

Diabetic feet are extremely sensitive to sharp edges, including protrusions in garment stitching. Socks that have visible and protruding seams can rub against the skin, especially if the wearer has them on all day. Not only can this chafe the skin, but it can also cause blisters and ulcers that can prove fatal to diabetic feet.

The best diabetic sock manufacturers use inverse linking to knit the sock seamlessly. This elegant technique places the toe-linking thread outside and not inside the sock. No matter how long the wearer has it on, there’s very little to no chance of chafing or blistering at all.

Non-constricting Fit

Unlike compression socks, diabetic socks are loose and non-constricting. The purpose of the diabetic sock is not only to help regulate blood flow, but it also brings comfort to sensitive feet and legs.

Adds Extra Padding for Sensitive Areas

To further enhance the level of comfort it can provide, diabetic socks also come with extra padding around the toes and on the soles. This cushioning not only keeps the feet and legs warm and snug, but it also prevents the area from getting injured.

Provides Warmth and Comfort

Blood vessels can contract due to diabetes, restricting circulation and flow. One thing that can boost blood circulation is warmth. When you are shopping for diabetic socks, we recommend looking for ones that are made with high-quality materials that provide enough warmth and comfort. You can go for the traditional cotton diabetic socks, but we suggest trying out bamboo diabetic socks instead.

Absorbs Moisture Quicker

These bamboo socks significantly insulate the feet, keeping them warm. But unlike materials that over-insulate the feel, bamboo-made socks are temperature-regulating. They are tightly-knit enough for warmth without compromising on breathability. This means that any moisture from within is instantly whisked away into the surface.

Designed With White Soles

Perhaps one of the most defining features of a diabetic sock is its white sole. People with diabetes have decreased sensitivity in their extremities, causing them to be numb to when their wounds bleed out or get infected. White soles are great since they visibly show whether the wound is draining or not.

With white soles, stains that need immediate remedy like infections, open cuts, and sores can be spotted easily. Caretakers and even the wearers can provide a remedy before the source of the drainage gets worse.

Keeps Wearer Clean and Hygienic

With quick moisture-absorption, the wearer remains clean and hygienic. But that’s not all. Some germs and bacteria have been proven to have a difficult time penetrating bamboo diabetic socks, thanks to their anti-microbial property. The lesser germs and bacteria festering in the foot, the lesser chances of getting an infection. More importantly, bad odours emanating from the feet are also virtually non-existent.

Made With Good Materials

Good diabetic socks are not only seamless, but they are made with good materials as well. They can either be made of soft cotton yarns, which is the go-to choice for most first-time buyers. But an even better material would be bamboo. Unlike traditional materials, bamboo fibres are much softer against the skin. They are smooth and comfortable, with no rough abrasion at all.

As long as it is made by reputable companies, you should have no problems with wearing bamboo diabetic socks. If you are looking for finer texture fabrics that do not break the bank, bamboo socks are the way to go.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Wearing diabetic socks is just one solution to a complex problem. You are going to need a lot more in your arsenal to effectively keep diabetes-related complications at bay. Aside from wearing diabetic socks, there are other ways to care for sensitive feet like choosing the right shoes.

Look for footwear that has a protective interior, orthotic support, extra-depth design, and many others. We understand that all this might sound confusing, so when in doubt, never hesitate to consult with your physician for the best care regimen.

Is It Budget-friendly?

Of course! There are so many choices out there. You only have to search for diabetic socks for sale online and within a minute, you will find the perfect pair. But before you hit the checkout button, take the time to know the company you’re buying the socks from. Are they reputable? Do they have eco-friendly products? Are their products well-made? What are other people saying about them?

Start your journey towards better feet protection. Get your bamboo diabetic socks today at the Soles shop.

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