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The Diabetic Sock

A fusion sock of cotton and bamboo with no seams. The product is all white to allow to easily recognise if there is any blood or dirt.


The Worker Sock

A thicker sock that is made specifically for workers, the sock is made of merino wool and bamboo fibre, with arch support help the foot throughout the day



Engineered to work with your feet. Each sock is designed to be comfortable, breathable and durable but are also tailored to help you, as an individual, be the best you. These socks are just made to look good.

  • Comfortable

  • Durable

  • Breathable

Extra cushiony to soften the blow of every step you make. Reducing excess pressure in an attempt to less that ache at the end of a long days work.
We’ve experimented in the twisting of the thread so that you don’t just throw these away at the end of the day.
No one likes sweaty feet! We’ve engineered a design that wicks sweat away and maintains that temperature to help you feel cool all day.

About Us

Products made for you

Everything starts with an idea, something that will change your shared reality. Socks, such a simple garment, which can provide a world of difference to your daily activities. Podiatry is an industry that is all about feet, but also socks and shoes. All Soles products are designed and supported by podiatrists with the intention of creating an ideal environment for your skin in cohesion with your lifestyle.


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